Recent Projects

Doug & Marilyn – Tahunanui Hills – Nelson

“looked at a number of options in terms of efficiency, cost and heating and we are more than happy with the radiators ……..we run our two large radiators 12 hours day, 7 days a week and it’s costing us $50/week to run”

Note: 600mmx 800mm and 600mm x 1800mm radiators located in the hallway – near stairs to the upstairs lounge, and living area.

Ranfurly St, Christchurch

This 100 year old house was damaged in the Christchurch Earthquakes, damaging the foundations of the house. In order to be repaired the house had to be lifted and have its foundations repaired. To keep this house warm during a Christchurch winter it was originally fitted with multiple fireplaces throughout the building. During the repairs the owners decided it was time to update the heating system.

The owners chose Immergas Radiator heating, as it offered them comfortable whole house heating and a subtle styling that was in keeping with the decor of the 100 year old building.


  • 1 x Mini Eolo 28 3 E 
  • 1 x Towel radiator 
  • Instantaneous hot water supplied to Laundry and Kitchen 
  • 10 x Immergas Steel Radiators

Rangiora - New Build

The owners of newly built 3 bedroom, brick construction house in Rangiora chose Immergas Radiators and Boilers for their heating and hot water needs. The boilers run on LPG gas and operate both the heating and hot water in this house. This house also has a 4 burner gas hob and with expected running costs of approximately $1638 for heating, water and cooking this is a very cost effective option.

Products - 1 x Mini Eolo X24 radiators with 180 litres stored hot water.
12 Immergas radiators